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Order Eggs Online

Eggs are the “superfood” which are incredibly nutritious. Daily intake of eggs can improve HDL levels in the body. As one of the best dietary sources and the best food for weight loss, eggs are always on demand.   

Obtained from healthy chicken grown in the natural environment, country eggs identified with light brown eggshells. Country eggs are healthier and nutritious than the classic eggs. These eggs have a flavour and ideal for home cooking recipes and boiling eggs.

Classic eggs are obtained from poultry maintained under healthy conditions and natural food fed chickens. No hormonal or synthetic muscle boosters are used while raising the chicken. Ideal for regular use. 

You can order eggs online in Vizag, Vijayawada, Kakinada now. Meatonn supplies good quality classic eggs and country eggs. Fresh eggs home delivery for fitness freaks ensuring no single day without egg diet. Eggs online delivery is handled with care, ensuring no breakage.  

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