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Ready to Cook Chicken, Mutton & Fish Online

Ready To Cook Food

Getting raw meat from the physical store, cleaning and cutting it. Isn’t it a tiresome process for you while your taste buds lure for a delicious meal? For our beloved meat lovers with a busy schedule, we help you make the best professional meat recipes at home. Check out what recipe you wanna cook and order ready to cook meat Online at Meatonn.

Our ready to cook non-vegetarian meat pieces are cut and customized for specialised dishes. Our ready to cook online section has samosas, well-cut leg pieces with more meat and less bone suitable for tandoori and Kebabs. We also provide pieces of different sizes for curries and fries, suitable for homemade recipes.  Wings are carefully cut for exclusive dishes like barbecues, peri peri wings and cutlet pieces.

Every piece is uniform and in shape, very much convenient for marination. The meat is thoroughly cleaned and extras removed. For barbecue choice, the meat is sliced for even cooking on frying pans and grills. 

Meatonn delivers fish,chicken, meat, seafood and eggs to your doorstep. We ensure fresh and quality meat delivered within hours of your order. Enjoy your meat delicacies with Meaton now.